My name is James Michael Sullivan. I was born in Goshen, N.Y. on June 13, 1946. My parents were Timothy Joseph Sullivan Jr. of Goshen, N.Y. and Anna Louise Johnson of Worcester, MA. My heritage is Swedish, Irish and Welsh.

When I  moved from Highland Mills, N.Y. to Worcester, MA. in 1959, people of my own age that I met called me Sully. It stuck through high school and college and a bit beyond.

That lasted until about 1977 when I started looking for a job in the Turf Management field. It was easier to introduce myself as Jim.

In 2007, when I moved to the village of Shelburne Falls, MA. a friend convinced me to start going by James.

I live now in Buckland, MA., one half of the Shelburne Falls village area, and I’m sticking with James.

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